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Why Stella?

Unlike job boards, our talent is sourced from some of the largest employers in the U.S., making it easier for businesses to fill all openings—even hard to fill roles—with the best talent.

And since participating companies share access to qualified applicants, they improve the search experience for every job seeker, even those they don't hire. What's good for all potential employees is great for your brand.

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Expand your funnel

Amplify the reach for every job listing. Companies in our network get a competitive advantage with immediate access to a broader pool of diverse, geographically-dispersed talent who might otherwise have never seen your opportunity. We enable more talent to see and quickly apply to your openings.

Fill jobs faster

Job openings are there to be filled. Because they're seen by more qualified candidates, every job posting on Stella becomes an easy pick for the right people. And our recommndation engine makes finding the right opportunity a couple clicks away.

Improve your non-hired applicant experience

Your job applicants are also customers and brand advocates. Stella makes the candidate experience a positive one, ensuring talent walks away feeling good and energized by their interaction, regardless of whether they're hired.

Painless to set up and integrate

Stella seamlessly integrates with your ATS to feed us your open job listings and directly accept job applications. We speed up candidate submissions by creating a common job application and integrating the specific employer questions in a seamless and easy way.

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